Dani Billings

By April 1, 2017

Dani Billings is the co-founder and one of the driving creative forces behind the Colorado Hemp Project. Dani is well known in the Colorado medical cannabis community as one of the top female cannabis entrepreneurs. As a natural networker who is passionate about the use of industrial hemp in all of its applications, Dani has constructed a world-class team of experts to bring this project into existence.

In 2008, Dani started an all-organic edible company, Tastee Yummees, with her mother, which quickly expanded to being in over 300 shops statewide. By mid 2011, Dani had taken over the majority of the company and sold out to Cheeba Chews in 2012. She then went on to create a hemp based body care company and partnered with her mom again. Their passion was to opened the first ever hemp based spa and healing centers; speed forward to 2015 and we started build out for Nature’s Root Hemp Spa in Longmont, CO. The second location opening June 1, in Port Antonio, JA. Third in Maui, HI. She spends her time donating, going around educating about hemps wonders and getting the seed planted along with spreading the message and know how to localize and create sustainable markets within the hemp industry.