Doug Fine

By April 9, 2017

Doug Fine is a sustainable lifestyle pioneer and world hemp industry leader. He’s also a solar-powered goat herder, bestselling author, homeschooling father and award winning adventure journalist. His 2014 hemp book, Hemp Bound, is a must read for anyone entering the industry, and Willie Nelson called it “a blueprint for the America of the future.” Doug is also one of the first permitted U.S. farmers in the newly-legal industry, cultivating, harvesting, and market researching 23 acres of hemp in Vermont in 2016, and marketing a value-added Farm-to-Table product from that harvest. Additionally, he consults for multiple hemp project clients, including a 60-acre mainland Tribal project and a University of Hawaii project. He has testified before the United Nations on cannabis policy, appeared on the Tonight Show and Conan, and as an NPR correspondent won a dozen press club journalism awards for his environmental journalism from five continents. Doug’s forthcoming television show, The Family Farmer Adventure Hour, is about the regenerative, independent agriculture revival that is proving a long-term lucrative economy for farmers worldwide. Info:, Twitter: @organiccowboy  United Nations Testimony: